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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The traffic of Qingdao City

External traffic

The Qingdao Liuting International Airport is 32 kilometers away from the center of Qingdao. It is the second biggest airport in the East of China. There are many skyways. We can go to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Paris by Shanghai, 7 countries in Europe by Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong and Macao by air. There will be a skyway to Frankfurt at once. The city joins the world capitals by 5 international hubs like Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo and Seoul. There are 158 scheduled flightseveries week. We can also go to 47 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. There are more than 800 scheduled flightseveries week.

The train station of Qingdao locates at 2 Taian Road near Qianqiao. There are 24 pairs of trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Taishan, Heze, Yantai, Weihai, Wuchang, Nanchang, Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xian, Lanzhou, Xining, Chengdu, TaiYuan, Dandong, Tonghua. Every train stops at Jinan except for trains to the direction of Zibo, Yantai and Weihai.

The traffic is very good in Qingdao. So far there are 9 highroads like Jiqing Freeway, Jiaozhouwan Freeway, Xiliu Freeway, Xiashuang Freeway, Weilai Freeway, Tongsan Freeway, Qingyin Freeway, the 206 National Highway, Qianwan Freeway. The length of all the freeways is 524 kilometers. The freeway which is around Jiaozhouwan is 66 kilometers. It connects developed region, Qingdao City and Jiqing Freeway. The high way network is on the basis of Jiqing Freeway, the freeway around Jiaozhouwan and Yanqing A road.
The Binhai Road is one of the most important roads. It is from east of the Fengcheng Kaolao Dam which is in Jimo City of Qingdao to the 204 National Highway which is near Liushudi country of Jiaona city’s Boli town. The Binhai Road passes through Jimo, Laoshan, south of Qingdao, Huangdao, Jiaonan. It is about 282.1 kilometers in all.
There are many buses to Weihai, Yantai and Penglai at the station square. If you want to go to Yantai, you need to spend 3 hours and more than 30 Yuan. If you go to Weihai or Penglai, you need to spend 4 hours and more than 40 Yuan. If you go to Jinan, you had better go to the long - distance bus line terminal by Number 5 trolley, then you can take a bus. It takes 79 Yuan and 4.5 hours. Every bus go on the freeway.
If you go to long-distance place, you had better take buses in the morning. If you go to short-distance place, there are many buses. You can take buses every second.

Water Carriage
Qingdao is a famous natural port and very big. It is an important international port and marine transportation hinge along Huanghe River and the west coast of Pacific Ocean. It includes container port, ore port, oil port and coal port. There are 97 international sea routes to more than 450 ports. There are 419 international scheduled flights to over the world. The port can hold 100 thousand ton goods.It also can accept and send 22 million ton goods every year. The container berth can accept and send 5.1 million ton every year. And the fifth generation container carrier can berth alongside there. The 200 thousand ton ore port has been finished. It is the biggest port in Asia and the second biggest port in the world. So far Qiangangwan has been one of the important distributing center which includes small wares, container, ore in the Far East. So far the two oil ports which lie on the north of Qiangangwan are one of the largest and the most modern ports in china. It also can accept and send crude oil and product oil. The port can accept and send 30 million ton every year and the 300 thousand ton oil tanker has berthed there.
There are two international passenger transportation flight paths in Qingdao. And the ships sail to Inchon of Korean at 16:00 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday to Xiaguan of Japan at 16:00 every Tuesday, Friday.

Transportation of the city

We almost can not see the bicycles and too many motorcycles in Qingdao because of up-and-down physiognomy, so the buses become the main means of transportation inside the city. The buses are very convenient and can lead everywhere, no man sells the ticket in the buses. The new buses are very clean. The price of the buses’ tickets is 1 Yuan and the price of the air-condition buses is 2 Yuan.
If you go to travel in Qingdao, you had better take the deluxe luxurious air-condition buses. It is the most convenient and comfortable method. There are 3 tour special lines and the buses which are made in Xiamen are called JINLONG and every bus has 28 seats. The professional guide's services are provided in the whole course.
If you go to LAOSHAN which is the Taiqing Beauty Spot, you can take the 304 Buses by LUNDU, the train station to LAOSHAN. You go near the seaside in the whole course. You also can join in a tourist party which is called One Day of LAOSHAN. Each hotel has the commission. But the most tourist parties only go to the Taiqing beauty spot. If you go to the Beijiushui Beauty Spot and the Yangkou Beauty Spot, you can take the tour special buses in Huaneng Square at 7:00-10:30 every morning.

The type of the taxies are based on Santana or Jetta. By day you need to spend 7 Yuan if you go 4 kilometers by taxi at first, then you pay 1.2 Yuan for every 1 kilometer. But you can pay 1.5 Yuan for every 1 kilometer from 22:00—5:00 by night. The start fee is slightly expensive, but the start mileage is longer.

The ferry flight pathes which are between the old downtown and Huangdao Island in Qingdao strengthened the contact of both side of the Jiaozhou Gulf. If you go on the Around Jiaozhou Gulf Highway, you need go 84 kilometers. If you go by ferry, you only take 20 minutes. The ferries stop in foggy weather.
Common ship: The first 06:30, the end class 21:00. It is once every half of one hour and the price is 6 Yuan.
High-speed ship: The first 07:10, the end class 18:30. It is once every 20 minutes and the price is 8 Yuan.
High-speed ship: The first 07:00, the end class 18:10. It is once every 30 minutes.

The Laiyang Road Sea Tour Wharf locates the north side of The Navy's Museum. There are tour flight pathes to some places like Xiao Qingdao, Luxun Park, the peace Cape...etc. It is very interested in tour program of visitor of hinterland.
The ZhongYuan Sea Square Tour Wharf locates in the West Lingxia Road. There are tour flight paths to Mai Island and other two islands which are called Zhucha Island and Dagong Island.

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