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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The traveling guide of Qingdao

>>The beauty spot in Laoshan
It lies in the northeast Qingdao of Shandong Province. It is so beautiful and near the sea. The total area is 480 square kilometers, including four scenic areas which are Laoshan Mountain, the seashore of south in the city, Shilaoren Rock and the sand beach of Xuejiadao Island. It is the famous seaside sacred mountain divine spot in our country. There are 9 scenic resorts in all. They are Jvfeng, Liuqing, Shangqing, Taiqing, Qipanshi, Yangkou, Beijiushui, Hualou and Dengying.
Laoshan Mountain, which is called the first famous mountain on the sea, formed in the period of the Building of Yan Mountain. There are the special views and it is so great. There are more than 200 sights. The 12 Sights of Laoshan are the most famous.
Laoshan Mountain is still the famous spots of Taoism. It was called the Home of the God or mysterious mansion in the past. There are many religion of Taoism ruins in the mountain. Qiu Chuji and Zhang Sanfeng who are famous Taoist had stayed there. Now there also are more than 10 temples.
Buddhism and Taoism were strong in turn in Laoshan Mountain. There are also many Buddhism temples and many famous bonzes have propagandized power of Buddha there. The temples fall into Huayan Style and Tiantai Style.

>>The Taiqing Palace
It is also called Xiaqing Palace or Xia Palace. It lies at the foot of Laojun Apex and faces Huanghai Sea. It is called small Jiang-Nan of northland.
There are many of fames. It is said that many temples but we can find 17 temples now. It is recorded that the Taiqing Palace was built in 140 B.C. by Zhang Lianfu who came from Gaole country of Jiangxi Province. Many temples had been built. They formed the Taiqing Palace which is the history of more than 2,000 years. Li Xuanzhe came there and spreaded the temples in the end of Tang Dynasty. Qiu Chuji came there to propagate the Taoism in A.D.1195. Many famous Taoist such as Qiu Chuji, Zhang Sanfeng and so on had stayed there.
The Taiqing Palace covers 30,000 square meters and the building area is 2500 square meters. They fall into 3 yards which are Sanguan Palace, Sanqing Palace and Sanhuang Palace. Sky Officer, Land Officer and Water Officer are in the Sanguan Palace. Daodezhun, Yuanshitianzhun and Lingbaotianzhun are in the Sanqing Palace. Fuxi, Shennong and XuanYuan are in the Sanhuang Palace.
There are many of old trees and many older ginkgoes and cypresses. There is a spring which is the first spring in Laoshan Mountain.

>>The Huge hill
It is the head of Laoshan. It is 1134 meters and called the ancestor of ten thousand hills. It is a big rock.
There are three famous wonders which are Yuhaiqiguan, Chunxiazhijiao, Denggao, Yuantiao.
It is so beautiful!

>>The beauty spot of Langyatai
It lies at the west coast of Qingdao. It is 183.4 meters high. It was made by people. You can get the miraculous views because of the special weather condition and special geography.

>>The seashore beauty spot of Qingdao
It locates the south coast of Qingdao. It is about 25 kilometers long and about 3 kilometers breadth. It includes the land area and the sea area. The area of land is about 8.5 square kilometers, the area of the sea is 5 square kilometers. It contains the Qingdao Hill, the Xinhao Hill, the Guanxiang Hill, the Taiping Hill, the Baoguan Hill, the Xiaoyu Hill which are the land and the Tuandao Gulf, the Qingdao Gulf, the Huiquan Gulf, the Taiping Gulf which are the sea.
The seashore beauty spot of Qingdao is divided into 6 parts which are the Qingdao Gulf, the Huiquan Gulf, the Taiping Hill, the Big-eight Col, the new downtown and the Shilaoran national holiday downtown. There are mainly the Qianqiao, the Luxun Park, the small Qingdao, the Xiaoyu Hill, the BaihuaYuan, the Huiquan Square, the Wusi Square, the Music Square, the Yandao Park, the first, second, third, sixth sea bath, the Binhai Walking Street, the Haibin Watching Street...etc.
It has been an all-round traveling beauty spot which has the tour and sightseeing, leisure and spending a holiday, the shopping and amusement travels.

>>The Qianqiao
It is a beauty spot in the seashore beauty spot of Qingdao and locates at No.12 of the Taiping Road in Qingdao City, connecting the Zhongshan Road which is a prosperous business street of Qingdao. It stretches into the sea more than 400 meters directly. You can see the Qianqiao firstly which is the sign of Qingdao when the ship gets into Qingdao.
Qianqiao is the sign of Qingdao. It was built in 1891. It was used for delivering the military supplies. It was rebuilt many times in last years.
You can get beautiful views when you are walking on the brige.

>>The Small Qingdao
It had been a alone island away more than 300 meters from the easten coast.
The area of the island was enlarged in the last Forties. So the island connected the continent. It also be called Jin Island because its shape likes an musical instrument.
The elevation of small Qingdao is 17 meters, the area is about 1.2 hectares, after Germany seized the gum state gulf in 1898, they set up a high lighthouse of 15.5 meters on small Qingdao in 1900, the tower body presented the octagon, constructing with the white marble, becoming the leading marking of coming and going the boats and ships.
In 1988, small Qingdao was developed to a park, and was formality opened. The plants are based on the black pines in the island. There are other plants. There is a very cleverly square in south of the island.
The days and nights are so beautiful in small Qingdao.

>>The Eight-big Col beauty spot
There are 8 roads which were named with 8 cols’ names. They are Shaoguan Road, Jiayuguan Road, Hanguguan Road, Zhengyangguan Road, Linhuaiguan Road, Ningwuguan Road, Zijingguan Road, Juyongguan Road. The 8 roads form a large beauty spot.
It is called the International Building Exposition because there are more than 20 building styles such as Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Japanese, English, German, France etc.
Different flowers are planted in different roads. So you can know the road’s name when you see some kind of flowers. Many foreigners call them the streets of flower.
There are other famous spots.
The Huashi Building is a representative villa. It had been made of croons and cobbles by a Muscovite in 1932. It has the typical European old castle type. It also has the Greece type, Rome type.
The Second Sea Bath is near the Huashi Building.
The NO.5 in the Shanhaiguan Road is a Japanese type building because Qingdao had been occupied by Japan. You will get the NO.9 along the road. The building often receives guest who are the foreign leaders.

>>The beauty spot in Dazhu Mountain of Jiaonan
There are many historic sites such as Shimen Temple, Daxiongbaodian and so on. They have the high value of enjoying and studying. There are many strange flowers and rocks. The rhododendrons are very famous. Many visitors come to enjoy the flowers in the every April.

>>The beach beauty spot in Lingshan Gulf
It locates in the east of Jiaonan City and the scenery is very beautiful. It covers 5.3 square kilometers. There are the natural landscape area, alongside the sea entertainment zone and spending a holiday to the recreational area. It is a good place for all the visitors.
The national forest park where there are the balck pine woods, torch trees ...etc. lies on the southeast of the beach beauty spot. It is different view in different seasons. There also be other facilities and services.

>>The beauty spot in the Jinshatan and Yinshatan
Jinshatan is the crescent moon shape. It is 3500 meters long and 300 meters breadth. It is called Jinshatan because the color of sand is golden. Jinshatan is one of the most beautiful sea bath, called the First in Asia. It is the pride of Asia.
There are the sea bath, a recreational tents, sandy beach motors, yachts, electronics gun, taking a picture, the general merchandise stands, the cold drink stands, clubs, a series of eating street etc. amusement facilities in Jinshatan. They have formed the whole service which contains playing, shopping, living and eating. There are treatment room, hot line for customers’ complaints and safety measures. Stop swimming in the bad weather. The activities in Jinshatan contain the Summer Cultural Tour Festival, the large literature performances, music evening parties, the athletics games...etc. We can visit many beauty spots by bus from April to November which is good time in Jinshatan.

Yinshatan is Jinshatan’s sister. It is 2000 meters long. The color of sand is Argentine.

>>The Navy Museum
It locates at the No.8 of the Laiyanf Road. It is the first professional martial museum which contains three parts. There are the uniform and gift exhibition hall, the weapon exhibition and the warship exhibition. There are more than 800 exhibitions. There are many kinds of service uniforms, epaulets, signs, tools in each period from 1949 and precious gift which more than 60 nations and troops present to our country. There are 7 exhibitions which are the small scaled warship boat, airplane, guided missile, artillery, water in the weapon, land-and-water tank, the view an equipments...etc. in the weapon exhibition area. The sea warship exhibition mainly displays the medium-sized battle warship boats, such as ex-service destroyer, the escort warship and the normal regulations submarine...etc.

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