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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The shopping of market in Qingdao

If you want to go shopping in Qingdao, you might have a walk in the Zhongshan Road. The night’s view of Zhongshan Road is very beautiful. The big-sized and medium-sized shopping market such as Qingdao 100 , Baisheng, the East Trade Mansion, Hualian Building etc. are shopping places which have the high, medium and low products. There are two big trade mansions in Hongkong Road in the eastern new area. Jiashike locates at the south crossing of Fuzhou Road. Jialefu locates at the crossing of Nanjing Road.
Qingdao belongs to the cities whose commodity price is lower in the whole country. There are seashore products with special features. There also be the food with Shandong’s special features. You must be careful when you are going shopping, or you will make a mistake.
It is difficult to low the price of goods in Shandong Province because the goods are not very expensive and the people of Shandong don’t wish to palter. You had better take the seafood after you have it because it is difficult to keep it fresh.

The special product in Qingdao

>>The Yunfeng Tea of Laoshan
It is very very and famous in the world because there are special geography environment, rich land and good water. The history of growing tea is very long in Laoshan. The products which are made with the modern craft belongs to the green tea. The tea contains the abundant nourishment, having a great deal of polyphenol, caffeine, sweet smell material and protein, amino acids, vitamin...etc. Because the weather in the place is warm wetness, the light shine on stronger, frost period also compare south long, add it day and night difference in temperature big, the tea tree growth develop slowly, there is full time backlog nutrient. It can clear eyes of pure heart, the excitement solution is tired, the one who quench thirst counteract poison, soften the blood vessel, promote blood circulation to drink the tea. It contains abundant caffeine contents and amino acids. Many people prize it very much. Laoshan Yunfeng Tea Field is a big tea field which contains planting, procure, process and selling. It produces more than 20 species. It is famous for its superior quality.

>>The shell sculpture of Qingdao
It is a kind of Chinese traditional craft as its expression. Its material is the coastal shells. They are mainly painting, jewelry, trophy...etc., expressing contains topics such as flowers and birds, person, landscape and still life...etc. The products has gotten the honor of the Gold Horse Prize of the tourist bureau in the nation and the Baihua Prize (the tallest prize) and are sold to several nations and region.
Representational work: :《 Nine dragon walls 》 , 《 the dragon breeze treasure bottle 》 , 《 Dragon Boat 》 , 《 ZHENBEN XIANGQIAN SHUANGMIAN ZUOPING》. All of them are large and stereoscopic piece, having the high valuable of appreciate and collection.

>>The beer of Qingdao
It has been a famous brand product for many years. The beer of Qingdao has already been sold very well to more than 40 nations and region now since 1954.

>>The Hupi parrot
It is a famous kind of bird which also be called A Su or Fengjiao Bird.
They were taken to Qingdao from abroad more than half century ago. The kind of birds are pairs. They are called Love Bird.

>>The adornment thing made by machine
They mainly are the curtain, table napkin, bedclothes etc. The most famous brand is the Swan. They are sold to several nations and region.

>>The grass products
They are made of grass. They mainly are pieces, gifts, hats, vanities and shopping baskets...etc. The brand of TianYuan is the most famous and is sold to several nations and region.

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