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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The general situation of Qingdao

Qingdao City which lies in the southeast of Shandong Peninsula locates 119°30'E~121°00'E, 35°35'N~37°09'N. The east and south of Qingdao get close to The Huanghai Sea, the northeast of which gets close to Yantai City, the west of which gets close to Weifang City, the southwest of which gets close to Rizhao City. It covers 10654 square kilometers. The city, which includes 7 boroughs which are 4 parts around of the city, Lichang, Laoshan, Chengyang and Huangdao, covers 1102 square kilometers. It also includes 5 cities which are Jiaozhou, Jiaonan, Pingdu, Caixi and the 5 cities covers 9552 square kilometers.
Vivace colline Qingdao is a seaside and vibrant city. The land get higher and higher from west to east and the land sagged down in the middle, the south and north sides are upheaved. The mountains occupy about 15.5% of all the area , the hills occupy about 25.1%, the plains occupy about 37.7%,the hollows occupy about 21.7%。All the sea coast are divided into 3 basic types. The shallow sea has underwater shallows, modern undersea delta and worn plain. There are three mountain chains in the area. Laoshan mountain chain which lies in the southeast are steep, whose main peak is 1132.7 meters. It is observed that the city is the north part of the Laoshan Mountain. Dazeshan Mountain, which is 736.7meters, lies in the north, Jao South Mountains are made up of Dzhu Mountain which is 486.4 meters and Xiaozhu Mountain.
The land coast of Qingdao is 730.64 kilometers and zigzag. All the coast of Qingdao is 862.64 kilometers. There are 69 islands, but the permanent residents live in 10 islands. There are 35 bigger islands, the total area of which is 1369.53 square kilometers. Most of them are muck and mucky soil. It is rich in natural resources. It is also fit to berth. The shallow sea has underwater shallows, modern undersea delta and worn plain. The underwater shallows are base for marine product of Qingdao.

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