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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The best tour time in Qingdao

The weather of Qingdao is pleasant. It is warm and wetness in spring and autumn. The temperature keeps 20-28℃ in summer and it is cool and comfort. The best tour season can be from the end of March to the beginning of November. Particularly in the last ten-days of August, it is the gold season of seashore tour because of the warm sea water. It is very cold in winter in Qingdao. Although the sea water does not freeze, it is zero degree. You can try to swim in winter if you have enough courage and healthy.
After June, there are many large activities in Qingdao such as China International Beer Stanza of Qingdao, Chinese Ocean Stanza of Qingdao. The Week of International Fashionable Dresses in Qingdao and so on. There are also other festival activities which are held by the tour organizations of every place. There are activities every month. So the visitors can choose a time for their favour.

Tourist salvage and consulting phone

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