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Welcome to Qingdao!
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Accommodation of Qingdao Hotels

There are more than 40 level-star hotels in Qingdao. Most of them are near the seaside in the south of city. You can watch and listen to the sea day and night. You also enjoy the sea , the sky, sunlight and sandy beach fully. It is so great! There are new type holiday villages such as Tianheng Island of Sanlian, Yangkou Dongfang of Laoshan, Hell, Double-star.
Certainly there are also a lot of popularize hotels, which mainly lie near the train station.
The better hotels have better service and better report. Many of good hotels wins the visitor's great praise by the top-grade management level and the forerunner's service facilities and for the visitor provides diversified perfect superior quality service. We can get Chinese food, a western meal or buffets there. KTV, disco, bar, mulberry that take a bath, multi-function conventional center, business center of etc. in the cabaret can let you feel the sweet every moment, comfort. The attendants of the hotels have been trained strictly, they can let you feel at home. They increase other good feelings. And although the small guest house, small hotel is not luxurious but clean and neat and comfortable. The transportation of each kind of guest house hotel surroundings is also more convenient, you may choose to stay the place satisfiedly according to own demand.

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Debao Garden Hotel, Qingdao
Debao Garden Hotel, QingdaoThe Debao Garden hotel is situated right in the center of Qingdao city, just 33kms from the Qingdao Airport and 10kms from the railway station. It is also only 3-minutes walking to the seashore and Sculpture Garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach scene and unique architectural style. - This is a 4-star level luxury resort and conference center located in in Qingdao, It is also only 3-minutes walking to the seashore and Sculpture Garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach scene and unique architectural style.

Surf Plaza Resort, Qingdao
Surf Plaza Resort, QingdaoThe international business district of Qingdao is just 5-minutes away. It take about 25-minutes to arrive at Qingdao Airport and 16.9kms to the railway station. - Located right on the beach, the hotel is a small all-suite luxury hotel with residential apartments. The hotel is the only one of its kind in the region.

Qingdao Santiago Hotel
Qingdao Santiago HotelIs apart from the airport 30 kilometers, is apart from the train station 1 kilometer, is apart from the wharf 1.5 kilometers, is apart from the town center 1 kilometer, is apart from the seashore 0 kilometers - Qingdao Santiago Hotel is touches on foreign affairs three-star the hotel, is located goes sightseeing the area in the Qingdao famous traveling, is on Daocheng coastline adds the finishing touch the best quality goods.

Qingdao Sunny World Hotel
Qingdao Sunny World Hotel30 kilometers from Liuting International Airport, 35 minutes-drive. 12 kilometers from the railway station, 15 minutes-drive - The Sunny World Hotel (Qingdao Yangguang Xindi Dajiudian) is located near the Olympic Sailing Center in the Shinan district of Qingdao. Nearby attractions include the Yangguang department store, Wusi Square, Maikaile and Dongtai Jiashike shopping centers.

Donghai Hotel, Qingdao
Donghai Hotel, QingdaoTo the airport: 50km, about 50 minutes driving distance To the railway station: 10km To the exhibition center: 40km, about 40 minutes driving distance To the port: 20km, about 30 minutes driving distance To the long-distance bus station: 16km, about 30 minutes driving distance Surroundings: Badaguan Scenery Area, No 2 Beach, Zhongshan Park - The Donghai Hotel is located in the Badaguan Scenic Area where the No 1 and No 2 Beach nearby. There are 370 guest rooms and suites in the hotel, all with beautiful sea view. Facilities in room include DDD/IDD telephones, satellite television and central air-conditioning. Room service is available on request.

Zhiyuanlou Hotel, Qingdao
Zhiyuanlou Hotel, QingdaoTo the airport: 40km To Sifang Railway Station: 7.9km To downtown: 2km -

Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao
Grand Regency Hotel, QingdaoDistance from City center :2 kilometres from the railway station:10kilometres from Airport :33kilometres from exhibition center:8 kilometres - The first 5-star hotel in the Shandong Province of China.

Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, Qingdao
Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, QingdaoDistance from the airport:40km Distance from downtown: 5km - Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, designed by a famous Germany architect, was established in 1911 and was known as " the best hotel in Asia" . Redecorated in 2007, the hotel restored its exotic flavor.

Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao
Shangri-La Hotel, QingdaoDistance from city center: 0km, distance from railway station: 7km, from airport: 32km, from exhibition: 12km, from port: 12km, from long distance bus station: 12km. - Close to many of Qingdao's stunning beaches, parks, and museums.

Qingdao Sophia internation Hotel
Qingdao Sophia internation Hotel25km from the airport. 18km from the railway station. 11km from the city council. 0.2km from the beach. The view around: International beer city, international Convention and Exhibition Center, the bathing beach of Stone Old Man, international golf course. - Sophia International Hotel Qingdao, situated on East Hong Kong Road, is a hotel of four-star standards.

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