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Welcome to Qingdao!
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Food of Qingdao

Qingdao locates the strand of the Huanghai Sea. There are many enrich sea cucumbers, shells, abalones, trumpet shells, large prawns, Jiaji fish etc. So the food of Qingdao are based on the marine food products. The dinner party of Qingdao is paid much attention. Each of them has necessarily the seafood. If there is not sea cucumbers, it isn’t a large party. Eating seafood should in the right season. You had better eat it in the spring and summer. The food of Qingdao is totally not very expensive. But some very upscale hotels are very expensive.
There are the seafood of northern special features and all kinds of Shandong’s special features snack in Qingdao. There are all kinds of special features snack which come from everyplace of Shandong. There also be native seafood in Qingdao and famous Qingdao Beer. It is the style of snack in Qingdao.
We can get special fun whicn we can’t get in the large hotels in the snack street of Qingdao. Picai Yard locates in the Jiangning Road which is between Zhongshan Road and Hebei Road, which is famous snack street of Qingdao. There also be the Seafood Street of Huangdao Island, the ZhongYuan Goodfood Street of Yunxiao Road, Huiquan Snack Stree, Double-Star Eating Street, Barbecue Street of Taishan Road, Changan Food Street ...etc. There are all kinds of special features and it is the heaven of epicures.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>A round flat cake with shrimp sauce
It is made of the farina of the corn, the millet, the bean and shrimp sauce. It is so great!

>>Small bean curd of the Shishu
It is fried with the Shishu and soybean milk. It tastes fresh and slippery delicate.

>>Manor Zong-zi
It is made of rice, the sticky rice, Chinese dates, sweetened bean paste...etc. The products are soft and fragrance.

>>The Xinya scallion cake
Firstly, make a round flat cake with flour and onion. Secondly, put it into a pan and fry. The products are delicate and sweet-smelling.

>>The eldest sister-in-law daughter’s round flat cake
It is very very delicious.

>>Set crispy chicken lunch
Cut the whole chicken in pieces and add vegetables, soup and eggs. It is quick and convenient. The history the dish has more than 100 years.

>>The small Baozi of Red Building
It is civil and traditional snack. It is soft and the stuffing is fresh and crispy.

>>Baking lambs
Choose the small lamb of the southwest of Shandong Province, then salt it. Lastly, bake it. The products are delicate and sweet-smelling.

>>Pie and porridge
The history of it is more than 70 years. The skin of pies is delicate, the soup is fresh and beautiful, the gruel is slippery smooth good to eat.

>>The Jinhai round flat cake
It has been sold for many years. You can have it with the clam pimple soup and pickles. It is cheap and delicious.

>>Cakes of Baodao Island
It is made of the pastry appropriation flour, taken into white sugar and peanut oil...etc. The color of it is snow-white and it is soft.

>>Kangzitou round flat cakes
The degree of hardness is just right, the layer is clear, the flavor is sweet.

>>The series of food of Jinmai Yard
The price of them is just right.

>>The pig blood and bowel of Jiaozhou
Choose with the fresh pig blood and the pig bowels, adopt the civil and tradition manufacture craft, the taste is special.

>>Bean curd with shrimp catsup
Choose the native bean curd, add the shrimp catsup, then fry them.The products is fresh.

>>The small bean curd of the four seasons
Choose the countryside vegetables and Shishu produced in Laoshan, add soybean milk, then fry them. The products are cleanlily.

>>Noodles made of corn
It is made of the first-class corn and adds others. The color of products is vivid yellow. It is healthy.

>>The dumplings let workers happy
They are very fresh. There are 42 types such as seafood, meat, wild vegetable etc.

>>Dongsheng Big Dumplings
There are many kinds of dumplings such as the shelled shrimp...etc. Their characteristics are big, full and delicious.

>>The Mankoufu Dumpling
There are more than 40 kinds such as seafood, meat, vegetarian dish...etc. The shape is diverse, the taste is special, the price is just right.

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