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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The Festival celebration of Qingdao

>>The international beer festival in Qingdao
It was created in 1991 and lasts 16 days. It opens in the first Saturday of the middle ten days of month of August which is the gold tour season of Qingdao. The festival is held by national departments and the people's government of Qingdao Cities. It is a large festival activity of national class including the tour, the culture, athletics and economic trade. The topic’s slogan of the beer festival is: Qingdao drink to the world!The international beer festival of Qingdao has become a bright city name card of this beautiful seashore city by 14 years.
The festival contains the opening ceremony, the beer article, the literature evening party, art exhibition, the literary style amusement, the match of drinking, travel the activities, the leisure, economic trade exhibition and closing ceremony...etc. Everyone in the city is very happy in the period of the festival. The Beer city which covers near 400 acre and owns 30 large world - class recreation facilities is full of the aroma of beer . The festival can attract more than 20 beer factories with well-known world and near 3,000,000 visitors outside the world to toast to gather together.

>>The ocean festival of Qingdao in Chinese
Be the important festival brand of Qingdao City, it is a unique festival which choose ocean as the topic. It started in 1999 and have already succeed to be held 6 times up to now. It is held in the July every year. The ocean festival relies on the beautiful ocean scenery of landscape, taking expanding the ocean cultural content as the keynote, participate of outstanding crowd, amusement, international, trying hard for to make various movable contents all-directions and stereoscopic to turn a ground of body the ocean special features now, scooping out the ocean cultural content deeply. It displayed abundant content of the ocean resources, ocean industry, the ocean science and technology advantage and ocean culture of Qingdao completely, strengthened whole societies protection ocean environment, developed to make use of the technological consciousness of the ocean resources, expansion tour service ocean after holding the festival.

>>The international fashionable dresses week of Qingdao in Chinese
It initiates in 2001 and have already succeed to be held four times. The large clothing dress exhibition activity which has international and profession is held in the last 10 days of September every year. It also strengthens the exchanges and the cooperation between Qingdao and the world.

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