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Welcome to Qingdao!
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The amusement in Qingdao

The modernization amusement item in Qingdao contains the golf, dolphin perform, and all kinds of clubs etc. They mostly concentrated in the new city town and Shilaoren national holiday village. Qingdao is closely with the sea. So there are amusement items with special features about the sea. They can let people feel very happy. They are the places where people have to go.
Hong Kong street near Fushan Gulf and China Civilization Sculpture Corridor which is 12 kilometers long, the ocean city, the dolphin performing building, the international beer city, the sea paradise, the golf course etc. form the riotous amusement life in Qingdao. However, in this kind of seashore and port city, the best amusement is going out to sea. Arrive the nearby group of island, boiling some seafood, it is pleased at the moment.
There are many bars in Qingdao. If you like, you can go to Huonululu which is famous bar in Qingdao. The bar is in the first floor of Huiquan Wangchao Grogshop and nearby the first sea bathhouse.

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